Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Review ~ Friendship for GrownUps

Book Sneeze (Thomas Nelson Publishers) recently provided me with a copy of "Friendship for Grown-Ups" by Lisa Whelchel. I really enjoyed this book. Actually, I've enjoyed just about everything written by Lisa Whelchel! I also enjoy her on the Women of Faith tour - but that is a topic for another day! The author shared her struggles with making and keeping friends - not just acquaintances but friends who will there for you through all of life's challenges and joys. I loved the practical applications on how to be intentional with your friendships. An author who can share with me the where's, why's and how-to's, plus share her journey, is someone I want to continue to read and be mentored by (in the relative sense - I do not know Ms. Whelchel, although I believe we could be great friends if ever given the opportunity - which is slim). Her strong faith in Jesus and willingness to bare her soul before all of us is one of the reasons I enjoy reading her books. I recommend "Friendship for GrownUps" to anyone who is looking to be intentional with their friends. Thanks again to Book Sneeze for sending me this copy.