Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Guess What? Christmas is 12 Weeks Away!!

Yes, you read that right ~ 12 weeks! Yikes! Where did this year go? I am in no way ready for Christmas...well, that's not true. I did redeem some of my points on Mypoints for a gift card for one of my daughter's but that's all I've done. Now is the time to start planning if you haven't already.

My goal for this year is to simplify our holidays even more. We've scaled back the gifts - my kids were getting a ton of useless stuff and generally by March is was either in the trash or the Goodwill pile. So, this year I asked for a list of 5 things they really, really wanted. We'll see what I get.

I'll also begin planning my menus for Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as make a list of what I want to bake. I have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and then do buffet meals for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Because I plan early, I can watch for sales and stock up on my ingredients early. If I purchase smartly, I can have my pantry stocked well into the new year.

We'll also scale back our decorating this year because we have a puppy and he loves to chew. Nothing is safe! There won't be as many "things" sitting around which will free up some of my time. Still not sure if this is a good thing or not since I love the "look" of the holiday but I also need to remind myself that it is not about the decorating, baking, gift giving - it's about spending precious time with my family and enjoying the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of our Savior.

Here's a great 12 week plan to help you prepare for Christmas from Simple Mom.

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