Monday, October 5, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - Week of 10.5.09

Another week - another plan! We did pretty well with our menu last week. Saturday was a jam-packed day so we didn't get to have the King Ranch Chicken Casserole so we'll try again on Monday. Monday is my day off so I have a little more time to prepare a more in depth meal. Hubby is away for several days this week so it will be more teen friendly fare!

Monday ~ King Ranch Chicken Casserole and salad. I found the recipe online that is actually in my 2008 Southern Living Cookbook. I don't plan on using a whole chicken as instructed in the recipe since I have several chicken breasts in the freezer so I'll use those instead. I adapt recipes all the time to use what I have on hand.

Tuesday ~ Pizza...from a local delivery. Not budget friendly but I have a scout meeting for leaders that I need to lead and only 45 minutes turn around time from getting home from work and leaving. Plus, the pizza shop is next door to the church so I can order before quitting time and pick it up when I head home. Leftovers can be used for lunches...well, if there is any leftover!

Wednesday ~ Uptown Blues Wraps with celery and carrot sticks. This recipe sounds yummy but I think I will adapt it by cooking a beef roast in the crockpot the night before, shredding it and mixing in bottled bbq sauce. I'll also leave out the red peppers because no one will eat them and maybe add a sliced tomato! My daughter can prepare the rice in the rice cooker when she gets home from school to help with prep since it's teen Bible study night and we need to get back out the door.

Thursday ~ Leftovers - it's a scout meeting night.

Friday ~ Broiled tilapia, cheese potatoes, green beans. This is the one fish all of my kids like.

Saturday ~ Chicken and noodles. This is a recipe I threw together one day and it became a 5 star in our house (that means everyone liked it!). I will cook off a whole chicken today since I'll have time - plus add celery, carrots, seasonings and a few chicken carcasses I have in the freezer - strain the broth and debone the chicken. Put the broth and meat in a soup pot, add peas (canned, frozen or leftover - whatever is handy), salt, pepper and thyme. If I have any leftover gravy, I'll toss it in too. I've added that before but no gravy on the plans for this week. This is also a good after Thanksgiving meal - use up the rest of the turkey and gravy and make your broth from the turkey carcass. Bring to a boil and add a bag of egg noodles. Cook until noodles are done. Serve with crusty rolls. Tonight is homecoming at the high school so we need something I can cook early in the day and then serve as we are getting my daughter ready to go.

Sunday ~ Spaghetti with ground venison, salad and garlic bread. Plan is to make the sauce on Saturday since it always tastes better after it has sat for a day.

What are you cooking this week?

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  1. I like that you just accept those nights when you won't be able to cook. I haven't been able to get in that habit really well yet, so sometimes I have a ridiculous recipe waiting for scout night. However, I did recently start keeping a really nice organic bran flake cereal in the cupboard. So now I have no qualms about announcing that I can't make it to dinner... eat cereal. It's basic, but with a little fruit on the side, it's quite healthy.

  2. Michelle, you are the winner of The Believer at 5 Minutes for Books. This will be announced in tomorrow's giveaway, which will post at noon eastern. Please email me your address at baseballsandbowsAThotmailDOTcom.

    Congratulations! I hope you enjoy it!

    Lauren from 5 Minutes for Books