Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blogs I Enjoy

Here are a few blogs that I enjoy reading - most on a daily basis. They've all encouraged and taught me something in one way or another. If you haven't already visited them, please do.

Money Saving Mom - This blog is fantastic! It is the blog I go to for all the coupon deals and freebies I score plus it is full of great encouragement for Moms. Spend some time on this blog and read about Crystal's story. She and her husband are big Dave Ramsey followers and are saving up to pay cash for their home. I highly recommend this blog!

Money Saving Methods - Carrie teaches you how to make money through deals, couponing, etc.

The Happy Housewife - Toni is a military, homeschooling wife who shares lots of great ideas and she keeps it real. I love that about her - no fluff, no putting on airs - just reality. She is also local so some of the local freebies I can snag too!

Life as a Mom - Great recipes, more encouragement and information. Just like The Happy Housewife, this is another blog that keeps it real.

5 Minutes for Books - This is where I find most of the suggestions for books I want to read. My "to read" list is huge thanks to them! They have some fun giveaways too! And, yes, I have won from them - yay! More books!

The Yardsale Queen - Chris is so funny! I enjoy reading about all the stuff... I'm mean treasures...she finds while she yardsales. She is also fairly local to me and shares local deals too.

These are my favorites. Go take a peek and let me know what you think.



  1. Hi- Didnt realize you were local! We should yard sale together sometime, it would be fun.

  2. Toni ~ Thanks for being my first commenter! Yes, as long as you didn't move out of the county, I'm still local and I'd love to go yard saling together.